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Welcome to EGHS

EGHS is a forward-thinking school which aims to provide an education for life for all students. We offer an enjoyable, successful and enriched learning experience within a caring and supportive environment that celebrates the individuality of every student.

Inspiration Happens in the Classroom.
And out of it.

At EGHS, we believe in inspiring our girls within the classroom and out of it through a wide range of extra curricula activities

The Outdoors

Residentials allow the girls to gain life skills such as confidence, problem solving, and team building.

In the Community

Our ethos places importance on serving our families, neighbours as well as the local and international community.

In the Classroom

Our high educational standards empower the girls to become leaders and ensures they are well prepared for the future.

Our Ethos Gives the Girls Purpose


Aim for excellence in education, behaviour and morals empowering girls to feel confident about their future options.


The desire for continuous growth and improvement in all aspects of school, social and and personal life.


School life should be one which promotes happiness and wellbeing as this helps students with their learning.


Our students should become leaders and role models who are sincere and seek to serve the community.

Our Facilities Mean That Girls Learn. Without Limits.

Considering Joining EGHS?

If the quality of teaching, Islamic ethos, facilities and  pastoral care are the key factors for you in determining the suitability of a school, then EGHS is the right place for you.



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